Honda Activa 7G: The Buzz Around the Upcoming Scooter

The Honda Activa is a legendary name in the Indian scooter market. With its consistent popularity, the anticipation for the next iteration, the Activa 7G, is high. While official details are scarce, here’s a glimpse into what we can expect from this much-awaited model:

Launch and Price:

While there’s no confirmed launch date, the Activa 7G is expected to arrive in the Indian market sometime in October 2024. The estimated starting price is around ₹80,000, with potential variations depending on the variant.

Design and Features:

The Activa’s design has remained largely unchanged for several generations. However, rumors suggest the 7G might receive a sharper and more aggressive look to appeal to a wider audience, particularly younger riders.

Feature upgrades are a certainty. The instrument cluster might transition to a semi-digital or even a fully-digital display, offering improved information visibility. Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls and music could be another welcome addition. Other features speculated upon include a USB charging port, an LED headlight, and a disc brake for the front wheel.

Engine and Performance:

The Activa 7G is likely to retain the 110cc BS-VI engine seen in the 6G model. This engine delivers a decent 7.6 bhp of power and 8.8 Nm of torque, known for its fuel efficiency and smooth performance. However, rumors hint at the possibility of a mild-hybrid system being introduced, which could further enhance fuel economy and offer a slight performance boost.


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Competition and Expectations:

The Activa faces stiff competition from established players like the TVS Jupiter and Hero Pleasure Plus, along with a growing market for electric scooters. To maintain its dominance, the Activa 7G needs to offer significant improvements in terms of features, technology, and possibly even fuel efficiency.

Overall, the Honda Activa 7G is generating significant interest among scooter enthusiasts. While official details are still awaited, the anticipated features and potential for a hybrid system make it a promising addition to the market. Whether it lives up to the hype and continues the Activa legacy remains to be seen.

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